What is mol rxn? Units in thermochemistry calculations.

What is the thermochemistry unit “mol-rxn”? The “mol-rxn” unit is especially confusing because in most reactions, the stoichiometry of each reactant and product differs. There is simply no such thing as a reaction mole unless we refer to a mole of reactions, i.e., 6.022E23 reactions occurring in concert, which we are certainly not.

Burning Money Experiment (Chemistry)

Burning money experiment for chemistry This discrepant event is short but can be made into a lot of fun with a little theater: Find 
the largest dollar bill amount in the classroom. I like to ask the class who the “big shot” is 
in the class and then proceed to ask them how much money […]

Catalyst and Activation Energy

Catalyst A catalyst is a substance that speeds up a chemical reaction but it does not undergo a chemical reaction itself. The catalyst allows the reaction an alternative pathway to take place. The catalyst does not lower the activation energy of the reaction. Analogy