AP chemistry pacing guide – how to create one!

The Importance of an effective AP chemistry pacing guide. Recently, I’ve noticed a shift among AP chemistry teachers – more and more educators are opting to align their course content with the sequence recommended by the College Board for AP Chemistry. For some teachers, following this structured sequence seems more straightforward. Reflecting on the challenges […]

AP chemistry Summer Prep Course

The age-old question for teachers who want to prepare their students for the upcoming school year by providing summer work is: How can I ensure that my students complete this work? The simple answer is – you can’t. However, teachers continue to ask this question because having a class of students that are all on […]

The Scientific Method

Nature of Science – Part 1 Nature of Science – Part 2 In the realm of education, few subjects hold as much significance as the Scientific Method and Scientific Process. These foundational principles are not just elements of a curriculum; they are the cornerstones of critical thinking, problem-solving, and discovery. As educators, our mission extends […]

Chemistry Resources for New AP Chemistry Teachers

Chemistry Teaching Resources: Empowering AP Chemistry Students and Teachers for Success Empower your students and yourself with Viziscience AP® Chemistry teaching resources! In the dynamic world of chemistry education, AP Chemistry teachers face a complex tapestry of challenges. From students entering the class without the prerequisites to others who need more time and step-by-step guidance […]