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A visual learning platform for mastering chemistry concepts

Saves time planning and grading


Flexible and adaptable

Viziscience is a composite source of comprehensible, high quality visual material that students learn from and enjoy interacting with. Best of all, the platform fits into your planning and implementation efforts.    

See your students easily learn and retain concepts

Resources suitable for:

• General, Honors and AP chemistry 

• Visual learners

• ESL students

Incorporate our modules into lessons

The topics are divided into small units that can be easily integrated into lessons. The materials are easy to use and can be operated straight out of the package. 

• No software to download

• Requires WiFi and a modern browser

• Compatible with iPads and Chromebook

Getting started with Viziscience

Prepping your class for Viziscience is an easy four step process

1.Teachers create an account on the system and susbcribe using PayPal.

2. Students create their own individual accounts for free.

3. Students use the activities under teacher's instructions.

4. Teachers can view students' activity reports at any time.

Viziscience modernizes the traditional classroom

• Pre-labs
• Flip classroom
• Review
• Homework tasks
• Self-directed learning
• Quizzes, tests and knowledge checks
• Makeup labs and lessons

Viziscience® Mini Workshops

To view a list of the topics we currently have on our system, please click on the link below.

Dowload 2019 catalog

"Effective illustrations, utilization of analogies and correlation with everyday life"

Viziscience® Interactive Labs

Equilibrium Labs

  • Le Chatelier's Principle & The Haber Process
  • Le Chatelier's Principle & KEQ Constant Page
  • Solubility & KSP

Structure of Matter & Chemical Reactions

  • Ionic Vs Covalent Bond
  • Flame Test Lab
  • Stoichiometry Lab - Iron & Copper Sulfate(II) Displacement Reaction
  • Acid-Base Titration
  • Gravimetric Analysis
  • Paper Chromatography Lab

Reasons to chose Viziscience 

"This is a very valuable resource. I love that students are able to interact with it at their own pace, which gives me the freedom to monitor and help students who need the extra support."
~ Jessica Patalano, CA

"THANK YOU!!! My students learned a lot from your video lessons!!!!"
~ Teacher, CA

Ready to get more done in a shorter time?