Success stories

"Viziscience has high level questions which my advanced sophomore students need.  The modules are great because they can be used for E day assignments and students can learn the content as they progress through the module. The modules are also good for reinforcement learning of the concepts taught in class.  I love the visuals for the modules and the labs.  The content is explained very well and very thorough."

~Rhonda Aust, Mountain Brook High School, Alabama

"Viziscience has been extremely helpful for my AP Chemistry students.  I use the resource with my flipped classroom approach.  Students tell me that the practice questions really help them to prepare for my class the following day."

~Christy Thomas, Powhatan High School, Virginia

"Viziscience was a life saver for me during the fully remote and hybrid teaching schedule of the past academic year.  I had limited time with my students, and the reinforcement of the interactive modules was very important.  I also like that I was able to give my students an interactive lab experience that was far beyond that of my colleagues. At no point did I feel that I was lacking in resources to teach my AP Chemistry class."

~ Sean Reid, teacher

"Viziscience is a great program to reinforce student's understanding. During the online year was an incredible tool to reach my students and save my time."

~ Teacher, CA

"I use a Flipped classroom and Viziscience allows my students to get a strong introduction to the material before we cover it in our face to face class. This allows me to move more effectively through the new material in class. I do not have to spend time introducing the new material, I can now spend more time practicing the problems in class."

~  Teacher,  VA

"I cannot tell you how much I have appreciated Viziscience in this time of virtual learning!  I have always flipped my class, so even when we go back to "normal" school this will be a great resource for me."

~  C.Thomas, teacher, VA

"This is a very valuable resource. I love that students are able to interact with it at their own pace, which gives me the freedom to monitor and help students who need the extra support."

~ Teacher, CA

"THANK YOU!!! My students learned a lot from your video lessons!!!!"

~ Teacher, CA

"The labs were most beneficial ... and I used several instead of a real lab."

~ Teacher, IL

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