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Viziscience leverages technology and uses visual learning strategies to provide interactive and engaging chemistry resources for students and educators.

AP chemistry • Honors chemistry • General chemistry

Lab Modules

Structure of Matter

States of Matter

Chemical Reactions

What are Viziscience Interactive Labs?

Viziscience Interactive Labs are a series of lab activities that intertwine both learning of chemical concepts and experiential activities. They encourage the big picture perspective and the activities are designed to enable students to connect relationships between scientific concepts and real world applications.

How to use Viziscience

Viziscience can be used in a variety of ways. Pre-lab assignments, flip classrooms or activities that students can carry out as part of self-study whether in class or at home. It is also useful for making up lost classes, labs and for exam preparation.

Clear, concise & effective

We have made lab experiments easy to understand by breaking down concepts into bitesize chunks. The course is well designed, structured, clear, concise and effectively delivered in order to accelerate learning and maximize retention.

Allowing students to take ownership of learning

As far as possible, each course is self-contained and covers the subject matter necessary to successfully understand key concepts.

Courses are suitable for self-directed study or classroom learning.

We make learning fun and engaging

  • High impact animation and rich media bring content to life
  • Interactive elements are intuitive and easy to use allowing students to immediately practice what they have just learned
  • Private forum features encourage collaborative learning between students


Achieve several goals at the same time

Using our labs, teachers can walk students through a chemistry experiment and at the same time explore theoretical concepts in depth. Teachers can use the interactive activities and questions on the web page to assess student comprehension. Students are fully immersed in the learning process in a way that they can strike a chord between what’s being learned and what the lab is trying to achieve.

Teachers can use the course to prepare students for actual experiments. Modules can be paused at any time for students to carry out the practical in the lab, and return to the course to complete post lab questions and solidify understanding.

Teachers – lessen your workload!

Using our platform, teachers can lessen planning and marking workload by incorporating the activities as part of their curriculum. Student’s responses are scored automatically and immediately once the lab experiment is submitted online. Teachers can download class scores in a spreadsheet or pdf file format.

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