Chemical Reactions

Le Chatelier's Principle

Equilibrium - Le Chatelier's Interactive Lab for high school chemistry
To observe chemical reactions at equilibrium and how equilibrium is affected when stresses are added.

Concepts students will learn

  • Reversible & non reversible reactions
  • The concept of equilibrium
  • Calculating equilibrium constant (Keq)
  • Le Chatelier’s Principle
  • Predicting equilibrium shifts

Equilibrium Constant (Keq)

Calculate equilibrium constant Keq reactions high school chemistry


The objective of this experiment is to determine the equilibrium constant Keq of a reversible chemical reaction.

Concepts students will learn

  • Equilibrium
  • Equilibrium Constant Keq
  • How a spectrophotometer works
  • Standard curves
  • ICE table

Gravimetric Analysis

Gravimetric analysis to determine unknown metal in carbonate

The purpose of this lab is to determine the unknown metal (M) in M2CO3.

Concepts students will learn

  • Double replacement
  • Analytical balance
  • Use of Bunsen burner
  • Stoichiometry
  • Analytical reasoning

Titration Experiment

Acid-base Titration Experiment Interactive Lab

The purpose of this lab is to determine the unknown concentration of a strong acid (HCl) using titration.

Concepts students will learn

  • Titration technique
  • Acid and base neutralization reaction
  • Molarity
  • End point & equivalence point
  • How phenolphathalien works