5. Memorizing the names of Polyatomic ions

   Examples of polyatomic ions Generally, polyatomic ions have suffixes that end in “ite” or “ate” if they contain oxygen atoms.  Chloride shown below is not a polyatomic ion, it’s a monoatomic ion consisting of only one atom. chloride hypochlorite chlorite chlorate perchlorate Examples of other polyatomic ions: OH⁻ (hydroxide) CN⁻ (cyanide) CH3COO−or C2H3O2 − […]

1. Naming inorganic compounds

Identify if a compound is covalent or ionic You will need to know the periodic table You must be able to identify the non-metals, metals, and transition elements in the periodic table You must be able to categorize a compound as ionic or covalent formed from elements based on their location within the periodic table […]

2. Learn the rules for covalent compounds

  Covalent compound A covalent compound involves the sharing of electrons between two non-metals. Rules What are the rules for naming covalent compounds? Covalent compounds use prefixes – to indicate the number of atoms of each element in the compound The element that is on the left of the periodic table comes first The element […]