Unit 1: Scientific Literary

Unit 1: Precision and Accuracy

Unit 3: Gases

Unit 4: What is an element

This assignment aims to facilitate students’ comprehension of the concept of a joule. In simple terms, one joule represents the amount of work accomplished when a force of one Newton moves an object one meter in the direction of the applied force. To make this abstract concept more tangible, we will use a practical example involving a small 100g apple, moving it over a distance of 1 meter.

A sample page for students exploring density through a phenomenon, examining why an orange with its skin on (which is heavier) floats, while without the skin (lighter) it sinks. Students actively participate by responding to concept check questions, allowing them to practice their reading and comprehension skills.

These reflective questions are exercises that we encourage students to complete after each lesson to strengthen their understanding. We recommend doing these exercises within a 24-hour period, but parents and educators are free to adjust them to fit their curriculum. These reflective questions can be typed directly on the page as free responses, or students have the option to write them in their own exercise books using pen and paper