Master Significant Figures in Six Days

Viziscience 6 days Sig Fig Challenge is a mini course designed to help students understand what significant figures are in a fun and interactive way

Suitable for high school students

  • AP Chemistry
  • Honors Chemistry
  • General Chemistry

Suitable as a college refresher

If you’re planning to do chemistry in college and hasn’t had much experience in chemistry during high school, Viziscience is a  great resource to help you rapidly learn and gain a solid foundation in the basics of chemistry.


Student feedback

“So I just finished the Sig Fig course and I found it incredibly helpful in the sense of fully exploring the “Why?” portion of significant figures that, I find, textbooks and lessons fail to explain and students end up memorizing a bunch of sig fig rules and clearly do not know why they are applying them (where your course shines in this part). I came into the course with a little confidence but by the end, it has taught me that I have so much learning to do and has effectively helped me in achieving this greater understanding of why we apply significant figures to science. I especially enjoyed the portion about resolutions because I had no idea what they were going into the course and now I understand! I definitely feel that this course about sig figs could help and assist in the learning of chemistry for many students.”

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