A visual learning platform for mastering chemistry concepts


Students and teachers

High school and above


Who is Viziscience for?

• Viziscience is designed for both students and teachers

• Teachers can use for classroom resources and setting self-directed tasks for students

• Students can use it to quickly grasp, retain and apply key topics and important chemistry concepts

Visual learning approach encourages students to take more responsibility for learning

Teachers can incorporate our modules into planned lessons and save time preparing homework, marking and grading.
  • Better understanding, retention and application of the subject
  • Helps to improve test and exam grades
  • Students get instant feedback on their learning and progress
  • Modules are structured with manageable steps and knowledge checks to cater for all levels of student ability
  • Rapidly brings students to a common baseline understanding
  • Pre-work assignments maximize classroom time for teaching
  • Clear and concise approach to de-mystify abstract chemistry concepts


How does Viziscience work?

• Teachers and educators can sign up for membership to gain access to the teaching resources and tokens are issued for students.

• Each student signs up using a token issued by the teacher.

• Teachers can then use the resources during class time or assign learning tasks to students for interactive learning or homework.

• Students can track their progress through the materials and quizzes and teachers can track the whole class or an individual student.

• Learning tasks that are set by the teacher are graded automatically by the system.

What teaching methods does Viziscience support?

• Class pre-work
• Flip classroom
• Review materials
• Interactive tasks
• Interactive simulation of Pre-Labs, Labs and Post Labs
• Homework tasks
• Self-directed learning
• Quizzes, tests and knowledge checks


Viziscience has served over 1,000 users

Our courses are loved by students and teachers

Viziscience Mini Workshops

To view a list of the topics we currently have on our system, please click on the link below.

Viziscience Course Catalog – 2018.pdf

“Effective illustrations, utilization of analogies and correlation with everyday life”

Viziscience™ Interactive Labs

Equilibrium Labs

  • Le Chatelier’s Principle & The Haber Process
  • Le Chatelier’s Principle & KEQ Constant Page
  • Solubility & KSP

Structure of Matter & Chemical Reactions

  • Ionic Vs Covalent Bond
  • Flame Test Lab
  • Stoichiometry Lab – Iron & Copper Sulfate(II) Displacement Reaction
  • Acid-Base Titration
  • Gravimetric Analysis
  • Paper Chromatography Lab

Special Introductory Offer

Up to 100 students

60% discount
USD72/year / teacher
  • Students can be grouped into different classes.
  • Maximum number of classes: 8

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