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Chemistry teachers, we have extensive resources to save you time and effort, make your life easier and help with the transition to remote learning.

For high school, honors, pre AP and AP chemistry, take a closer look at our resources:-

  • Viziscience Interactive Labs

  • Viziscience Interactive Modules 

(Using instructions, video simulations and quizzes)

These resources are already prepared, ready to use online (or in class) and are just a few clicks away.

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Take advantage of our free Courses

Course 1: Significant Figures

Significant figures are not just about the rules. We help students to learn significant figures figures in a meaningful way by understanding how they are used in science. The course also covers the concepts of accuracy and precision, measurements, scientific notations, and calculations with significant figures.

Course 2: Dimensional Analysis 

This is an introductory course on Dimensional Analysis to help students learn how to use the tool to convert from one unit to another. Students do not need to have chemistry knowledge to use this course.


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