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If you're learning about alcohol in chemistry, have you ever wondered how wine left overnight exposed to air turns sour?

Oxidation causes wine to turn sour

Wine consists of an alcohol group called ethanol.

Ethanol is an organic compound and the formula is C2H5OH. Sometimes it's written as CH3CH2OH.

The empirical formula is C2H6O.

Ethanol belongs to the primary alcohol group. A primary alcohol has the hydroxyl group (-OH) connected to a primary carbon.

When ethanol is oxidised, it looses two hydrogen atoms and is replaced by a double bonded oxygen.

When ethanol is oxidised, it changes to acetic acid and water is produced.

ethanol + oxygen → ethanoic acid + water

C2H5OH (l) + O2 (g) → CH3COOH (aq) + H2O (l)