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What are alkenes?

Alkenes are hydrocarbons with at least one carbon-to-carbon double bonding.

Examples of alkenes (note the double bonds)

alkenes with double bonds organic chemistry

The double bonds of a hydrocarbon can exist in different position

Below is the first position double bonding

Alkenes with first double bond position - organic chemsitry

Below are alkenes with second position double bonding

alkenes with second position double bonds - organic chemistry

The general formula for alkenes is:


There are twice as many hydrogen atoms as carbon.

Alkenes are unsaturated hydrocarbons

Unlike alkanes, alkenes are unsaturated compounds. They are unsaturated because they can make room for more hydrogen atoms by breaking the double bonds. They don't carry the maximum possible number of hydrogen atoms.

What are isomers?

Isomers are basically molecules that have the same formula but different arrangement of atoms

Below is an example of butene which has 3 different isomers

Alkene isomers organic chemistry