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This reaction is similar to sodium and water, but lithium reacts more slowly than sodium.

Lithium belongs to group 1 elements in the periodic table.

Group 1 elements are alkali metals that carry one valence electron in the outermost shell.

Group 1 elements are highly reactive and they want to give up the valence electron to form ionic bonds with other elements.

When lithium is placed in water, lithium gives up it's valence electron.

Lithium forms a hydroxide (LiOH) in water which is alkali. Hydrogen gas is produced. The hydrogen gas can be captured in a long test tube and ignited over a flame. It will give off a quick pop sound when it burns.

Lithium hydroxide in the solution can be tested using litmus paper or phenolphthalein. Red litmus paper turns red and phenolphthalein turns pink in alkaline solution.