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s2cl2 Disulfur Dichloride VSEPR molecular shapeDisulfur Dichloride S2Cl2

(UK spelling is Disulphur Dichloride)

The molecule is quite hard to draw because of the dihedral angle; the atoms are all joined up in a line but twisted.

In chemistry, a dihedral angle is an angle between two intersecting planes, where each plane is defined by three atoms.

There is no plane of symmetry in this molecule so there's a permanent dipole.

The bonds are covalent.

There are two central atoms so to get the AXE notation, we'll look at one central atom at a time.

The AXE notation for is A2E2

  • 2 atoms round the central atom
  • 2 pairs of lone electrons round the central atom

Using the VSEPR chart, the electronic configuration shape for each central atom is tetrahedral and the molecular shape is bent.

Disulfur dichloride reacts with water to produce hydrogen chloride, sulfur and sulfur dioxide.

Disulfur dichloride can be used for manufacturing other chemicals and to vulcanize rubber by converting natural rubber into more durable materials.

The VSEPR chart

VSEPR bond angle AXN chart