Thank you for your interest in the AP Chemistry Summer Course 2021! We understand how challenging it is to teach AP chemistry especially if students have very little or no chemistry background. The goal of this course is to give students a head start by helping them master the fundamental and basic concepts of chemistry. This course is provided free, courtesy of Viziscience®. 

Teachers, there will be an opportunity to preview the course before offering it to your students.

Preview currently planned for:

• May 15th, 2021

Course planned to be available for students :

• 15th June – 15th September









Stay tuned, we’ll provide an update on how to sign up for the preview in early May. 

A short course to provide students the basic chemistry foundation

The format will be interactive and will guide students through self learning modules

The course will be especially helpful to students needing a refresher or are new to chemistry

The following is an outline of the course content :


  • 1.1 Measurements & Significant Figures
  • 1.2 Significant Figures Rules
  • 1.3 Rounding & Scientific Notation
  • 1.4 Significant Figures in Calculations


  • 2.1 Atoms, Isotopes, Atomic Weight
  • 2.2 The Periodic Table
  • 2.3 Periodic Trends
  • 2.4 Naming Compounds
  • 2.5 Polyatomic ions

(3) Lab

  • 3.1 Flame Test Lab


  • 4.1 Mole & Molar Mass
  • 4.2 Balancing Equations
  • 4.3 Balancing Complex Equations
  • 4.4 Stoichiometry
  • 4.5 Empirical Formulas & Percent Composition
  • 4.6 Limiting Reactant & Percent Yield
  • 4.7 Solutions & Dilutions


(Note: We’re finalizing the last couple of topics to add to the course and we’ll provide you with additional details later.)

The Flame Test Lab activity provides a virtual way for students to practice hands-on chemistry.


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